Orangutan Foundation UK  An international chapter of  the Orangutan Foundation International (OFI), undertaking conservation  and promoting the understanding  of  the wild orangutan's  natural habitat and
tropical rainforests of  Borneo and Sumatra,  promoting the long-term study  of  wild orangutan behavior, evolution,  ecology and biology,  disseminating scientific and educational information concerning   the wild orangutan particularly through the publication  of  educational newsletters  and scientific papers,  the pre-
sentation of lectures, contributions to seminars and conferences, and the education of local people in areas
of the wild orangutan's natural habitat,  collaborating with other charities, voluntary bodies and statutory authorities to achieve common aims and objectives, and to exchange information and advice with them.

Orang Utan Republik (OUR) Education Initiative   Their mission is to facilitate conservation education regarding the endangered orangutan so that it will be saved from extinction.

Australian Orangutan Project      A non-partisan organization  that supports all  orangutan conservation organizations. Being non-partisan they can distribute their funds due to conservation needs only. Also they use  their ability  to support all organizations,  as a way  of bringing orangutan conservation  organizations together.

Sumatran Orangutan Society      Works to conserve the endemic Sumatran orangutan (pongo abelii) and its native habitat, promote public awareness of, and participation in, conservation strategies for the Suma-
tran  orangutan  through campaigns,  community education  and global communication,  collaborate   with Indonesian conservationists  in  the establishment and running of the Orangutan Information Centre,  and assist  the Government-run  Bohorok  Orangutan  Centre  in  the care  of ex-captive orangutans,  and raise funds to support their goals.

Sepilok Orangutan Appeal UK      Dedicated to  the rehabilitation and  preservation of  orangutans  and their habitat in the Sabah region of Malaysian Borneo.

Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme Their primary goal is the conservation of the Sumatran orangutan by quarantine and re-introduction,  improving law enforcement, educating the public, research and monitoring, and habitat protection.

Orangutan Conservancy        Dedicated to the conservation of orangutans and their habitat through pre-
serving the remaining orangutan populations and,  by promoting  the changes that are needed  to preserve their natural habitat.   They accomplish these  goals by providing  funding  and, other support,  to  various projects throughout Indonesia and Malaysia.

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