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I WAS ADDICTED TO INDONESIA.     It all began in  1972  when I, as a member of
the New York Zoological Society (now the Wildlife Conservation Society)  received
an invitatiion  to join a group that was forming for a trip to Borneo,  a tour to be led
by  a Bronx Zoo curator  who had lived with one of the Dayak tribes there.   I signed
on, and, at age 52, took off for Borneo.

During the following fifteen years, although I visited other parts of Indonesia as well,
most of my time  in the country was spent with   the Dayaks,   the aborigines of Kali-
mantan (Indonesian Borneo), specifically those of East Kalimantan.  I made the first
two visits as one of a group.    Near the end of the second visit, I left the group,  took
one of the guides,  and went off in search of more Dayaks.    It was then that I foumd
a small Dayak village   that I later used as a base  during  my subsequent visits to the
area, when I traveled with only a guide/translator.

In 1987,   I joined an Earthwatch team,  and went to Camp Leakey,  in the Tanjung
Puting National Park of Central Kalimantan,  where I met  orangutans  for the first
time.   I returned as an Earthwatcher again the next year. Then, almost annually for
the  next  22 years,  I  went  back  there  as an  Orangutan Foundation International
(OFI) member and volunteer.   However,  I continued  to visit  other places  in Indo-
nesia, but only as a sightseer,

This brief summary of my stays in Indonesia is documented in photos
and video on this website.   Use the MENU button to see it all.

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