The Islands of Indonesia I Visited
Sumatra -  Part 2

      This was a trip to the Way Kambas National Park.  The park was divided into two parts:
Way Kanan, where research was being done, and Way Kambas, with its school for elephant
training.   I made the journey in a   borrowed Toyota Land Cruiser with a driver,   carrying a
generator to re-charge my camcorder battery,   and crossing the Sunda Strait from   Java to
Sumatra aboard a ferry.

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The Sunda Strait
The narrow body of water that lies between Java and Sumatra

Way Kanan
Very little in the way of wildlife was recorded by my still camera.

Way Kambas
At the elephant training school there, as at Way Kanan, most
of my photographic work was done with a video camcorder

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